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As the recruiting division of the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), Ai Group Talent Solutions are well-poised to deliver innovative STEM talent solutions to businesses in the digital age. As Australia’s only specialised STEM recruiters, Ai Group Talent Solutions offer insight and expertise like no other.

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For Employers

A challenge for businesses to grapple with is how to rearchitect ourselves for the digital world and fundamentally rethink the way we work. This is undeniably a transformation at scale that’s confronting all organisations no matter who they are or what they do. A big part of this transformation is in the area of skills that our workforces have and need. Talk to us today about our talent solutions to support your business growth in the new era of work.

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Whether you're a talented candidate looking for your next move, or an employer looking for best of the best, talk to our expert team today!

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Connecting Talent & Careers

We are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) talent specialists and can connect talented people with career opportunities at every stage of the workplace journey from entry level right up to senior leadership roles. We offer innovative and niche services that aim to bridge the gap between candidates and employers


For Candidates

Whether you’re an aspiring new entrant to the workforce or a well-established professional looking for your next adventure, we can assist to connect you with some of Australia’s leading employers.

Our client base spans from the biggest household names to the small business looking for a super star. We take the time to understand your wish list and deal-breakers so we can hook you up with the right opportunity for you.

About Ai Group

With 140 years of industry experience, the Ai Group is the only national employers’ association representing the interests of more than 60,000 businesses employing more than 1 million staff. Our thought leadership in policy, advocacy, workplace relations, training, workforce development and staffing positions us as the definitive voice for Australian industry.

The driving force of STEM recruitment

Ai Group Talent Solutions draw on the history and expertise of our parent group to deliver innovative STEM talent solutions to Australian businesses. Whether you are a passionate candidate looking for a new opportunity or an employer seeking the brightest STEM talent, talk to our expert recruiters today.