Industry 4.0 Higher Apprenticeship Program

Ai Group’s Higher Apprenticeships combine the best of Higher Education and Vocational learning models to train future technicians at a higher skill and knowledge level, meeting the diverse needs of Australian employers in an Industry 4.0 based economy.

Program overview

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Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th industrial revolution, describes the digitalisation of production processes based on devices autonomously communicating with each other. With the industrial landscape rapidly evolving we need a new approach to train the workers of tomorrow and keep up with this pace of change.

Our Higher Apprenticeships are designed to provide what universities cannot, thanks to their focus on hands-on, real world training. At the same time, the Associate Degree that apprentices obtain ensures you have access to a higher calibre of talent than possible through conventional apprenticeships.

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Program Overview

The Program currently has a 4-year delivery timeline. Training will be conducted in the work place, as well as the off-the-job delivery at the relevant training provider's facilities. The following is an indication of the current units of study for the Victorian Program which is currently being delivered by Swinburne University of Technology's Vocational and Higher Educational sectors.

Year 1 & 2: Diploma Level

  • Working In Industry 4.0
  • Use hand and power tools
  • Perform Computations
  • Apply principles of OHS in the work environment
  • Analyse a simple electrical system circuit
  • Produce components using CAD and CAM technologies
  • Implement and problem solve a PLC-based industrial control system
  • Troubleshoot digital control systems
  • Apply project life cycle management processes
  • Produce and manage technical documentation
  • Use SCADA system to monitor and control an industrial process
  • Analyse and manage Big Data in cloud-based systems
  • Work safely with collaborative robots
  • Project: Commission a cyber-physical system
  • Apply principles of networking technologies for manufacturing and engineering application

Year 3 & 4: Associate Degree Level

  • Working in industry 4.0
  • Engineering skills for industry 4.0
  • CAD / CAM and engineering materials
  • Industrial networking and cloud computing
  • Electrical systems
  • Object oriented programming: Industrial control systems
  • Digital control systems
  • Cyber physical system integration (Major Project)
  • Software tools for industry 4.0
  • Advanced digital control systems
  • Advanced electrical machines
  • Predictive engineering analytics
  • Robotics and digital twin
  • Cyber security and cloud services
  • Distributed control in a smart factory
  • Smart product design using industry 4.0

Success Stories:

Our whole experience with Ai Group Talent Solutions was extremely rewarding. They showed a great understanding of the requirements of the role and presented exceptional candidates that fit the brief we’d given.

Wayne Collis from Firequip

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