In today’s highly competitive workforce, it can be difficult to attract and retain the right talent. STEM is one of the most difficult areas to recruit for, with the field being highly competitive. Furthermore, it may also be difficult to find candidates with exactly the right skillset and specialisations. This is especially the case for businesses that don’t specifically have a STEM focus, but still require STEM talent. So how can you go about attracting the best STEM talent in this fiercely competitive market? Thankfully, with some careful planning and effort, you can ensure you are hiring the most qualified, future-forward candidates to drive your business further.

Create an attractive company culture

Having a robust and attractive company culture will act as a magnet, effortlessly drawing in the right talent. Your company culture encompasses all the things that make up the public image of your company, such as your work environment, core mission and ethics. Employees should embody this company culture by behaving in accordance with the company ethos and helping to manage the public’s perception of your company and its staff. STEM candidates always need to know the “why” for everything they do, so a strong company ethos will be highly attractive to them.

Senior staff are also instrumental in building an attractive company culture, and must promote fair practices in hiring, firing and promoting procedures as well as in the payment of wages.

A healthy and attractive work environment can be promoted by encouraging open communication, providing incentives and effectively resolving conflict. A work environment that keeps employees happy will mean they are more likely to speak highly of the company, especially online, which in turn will attract higher quality candidates.

Lead with innovation and provide opportunity

In order to attract high quality candidates, companies must themselves promote innovation. Responding to employee feedback will encourage employees to contribute more of their fresh, innovative ideas. The top talent needs to be able to see that their voices will be heard and efforts will be rewarded at your organisation. This is especially the case if your business does not have a STEM focus – you must convince candidates that they will still have the same opportunity to grow and innovate with your company as they would with a STEM-focused organisation.

Additionally, career-driven individuals will want to see that there is great room for growth and professional development. There should therefore be opportunities for top-performing individuals to receive additional training and development. This helps to foster motivation and drive among candidates, setting your company up for future success.

Offer referral incentives

Your existing employees are likely to be connected to a network of like-minded, similarly-skilled individuals. To really get current employees invested in your hiring process, consider offering referral incentives. This will financially motivate your current employees to refer incredible candidates, allowing your company to attract top-of-the-line talent while rewarding existing employees with a bonus, extra leave or even the best parking spot. A referral system can also help to raise morale in the company and cement the company culture.

Sharpen your online image

These days, candidates’ first port of call is online. This means it’s essential to keep your website and social media up to date with the latest company news and exciting developments. Your social media should also be regularly monitored to ensure it is portraying an accurate and positive image of your company – better yet, engage with your audience to boost your online profile. Talent will naturally be drawn to a company that has a dynamic and responsive online presence.

You may even want to directly reach out to talent online, such as on LinkedIn or even Facebook. These platforms can essentially provide you with an online resume, and candidates are likely to respond positively to the personal reachout.

Network at relevant events

Sometimes, the best candidates are the ones that aren’t actively searching for job opportunities. Consider sending a representative to an event where your desired talent pool networks, such as Meetups, workshops and of course, hackathons. You may even wish to launch a promotional hackathon to work closely with up-and-coming STEM talent.

Measure and analyse data

It’s important to monitor your talent acquisition results in order to determine any trends and potential areas of improvement. Specific metrics like yield ratio, time-to-hire, and offer acceptance rate can all provide valuable information, helping you shape a more methodical approach towards talent management and the effectiveness of the recruitment tools used. Certain talent groups may respond well to some strategies, while others may be completely indifferent to your approach.

It takes time to devise a strategy that attracts the top talent, requiring that you take to your business with a fine-tooth comb. This process is well worth the effort, drawing in the right talent and creating a solid workforce that is engaged, productive and driven.

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