STEM Grads & Interns

Our graduate and intern recruitment services are designed to assist your business inject the next generation of STEM talent into your pipeline. We offer Group Assessment Centre services as well as bespoke graduate recruitment for one-off placements. In additional to liaising with universities, we also connect directly with students as early in their tertiary education journey as possible.

The race for STEM talent is fierce therefore we spend a great deal of time connecting with future job-seekers to build a relationship that will endure throughout their education and lead them back to us when they are ready to embark on their careers, whether that be as a student intern or a graduate.

The impact of a well-structured student internship program can be enormous. These programs can allow your staff to share their expertise with the future generation of talent and it also allows you to build your brand and story with potential candidates. The end result can be a reduction in graduate recruiting time as you already have a pool of candidates who you have seen in action.

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